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Star Polymer Repair Resins

Star FR308

2 Kilo

Star FR913

500 gram

Star FR912

500 gram

Star FR986


Star Cote FR1010LV

500 gram

Star Cote FR986 or FR1011

6 Kilo

Star Cote FR1008HT

1 kilo

Star FR909N60 twinpacks Paste

4.8 kilo

Star FR909N60 twinpack Liquid

150 gram

Leak -Stop 1. 50mm x 3.6mtrs

Rolls                         50mm x 3.6mtrs

Leak-Stop 2. 100mm x 3.6mtrs

Rolls                         10mm x 3.6mtrs

Leak-Stop 3. 100mm x 4.8mtrs

Rolls                        100mm x 4.8mtrs


101-659227         STAR FR308:       Use for sealing of leaks in pipes, tanks, ducts, can be used in conjunction with Leak Stop to plug hole the hole before  wrapping the tape.

101-659235   Star FR913:     For fast cold-curing metal repair compound, can be used wherever there is emergency and urgent need to get equipment back into action.

101-659243   Star 912:           Two compound normal cold-curing engineering repair compound. A machine able product with high mechanical properties, and good heat resistance.

104-659243   Star FR986      The product can be mixed and applied and will cure underwater. 

104-659250   Star Cote FR1010LV:  A cold ceramic cold-curing compound, with excellent resistance to cavitation and erosion, Used for rebuilding heavy wear on impellers, pumps, and valves.

102-659268   Star Cote FR986:  A two ceramic cold curing fluid that is used as a liner in order to prevent cavitation and erosion found in fluid flow environments.

102-659276   Star Cote FR1008HT: A ceramic cold curing compound with excellent resistance against heavy abrasion, excellent for working with Cement Carriers, and Dredgers.

103-606012   Star FR909N60:  Twin packs Paste: A ceramic cold-curing vulcanising repair compound,  strong long term rubber repair for hoses, gaskets, electric cable.  

103-659284   Star FR909N60 twinpack Liquid: Twin pack, cold curing repair liquid that can be moulded or painted on to a rubber or metallic surface.

100-630384  Leak-Stop Pipe Repair : 1.

100-606006   Leak-Stop Pipe Repair : 2.

100-630392   Leak-Stop Pipe Repair : 3.

A special bandage impregnated with a resin which activates when immersed in water, ideal for repairing leaking pipes, ideally used with StarFR308 to use to plug the hole firstly.

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