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Gastec Detector Tube System

ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector

Gastec provide the most accurate, cost effective and simple method available of gas detection and air sampling, with the capacity to detect and measure over 600 gases, vapours and particulates

Benefits of the Gastec Detector Tube System

  • The most accurate detector tube system available
  • Can reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI), as the easy to use
  • Gastec sampling pump requires minimal pump strokes
  • Precise and easy to read colour change
  • Fast sampling times
  • Thermal ring for ambient temperature display
  • A reliable method of testing over 600 gases and vapours over a multitude of detection ranges

Standard detector tubes provide quantitative information of concentrations of known target gases within the environment. Designed specifically to be used with the Gastec Sampling Pump.

Dosi-tubes can be clipped to the lapel and allows an operator to evaluate the level of personnel exposure over a time period, such as a working shift. 

Polytec tubes are used at the scene of an incident to provide the detection of multiple unknown substances with a single test where rapid evaluation of air quality and toxic levels is paramount. 

Airtec breathing air quality detector tubes are a convenient and simple system for testing air quality within gas cylinders, compressed breathing air and air lines.

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