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Jason's Cradle

Star International have an excellent range of Jason’s Cradle recovery stretcher’s  all designed not only to meet the safety requirements but also to work efficiently and effective if there should ever be an emergency. We are also happy to provide advice and guidance on the fire and safety equipment selection of the most appropriate product for you giving the benefit of our many years of experience in this industry.

Jasons's Cradle

The Jason’s Cradle FRC Kits are proven to aid in the safe and speedy recovery of man-overboard victims in the preferred horizontal position. They are currently in service globally with most Navies’ and are considered a vital piece of safety equipment.  The various kits are NATO Stock Coded, SOLAS Approved and guaranteed for 3 years.

The Jason’s Cradle recovery stretcher is available in 9 x 8 and 11 x 10 rung units to suit operator requirements. The Jason’s Cradle Recovery Stretcher is the safest and most universally accepted method of rescuing a casualty from water.

Benefits include:
• Speed and ease of deployment from high vessel freeboards
• The basket like format enables easy access
• Increase of efficiency and comfort levels of crews
• The casualty can be in a full horizontal position reducing circum-rescue collapse
• 2-person recovery allows for rescue swimmers to be recovered with the casualty

For further technical data on all these products please download the technical data sheets.

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