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Oxylator FR300 Resuscitation Kit

Star International has a comprehensive selection of medical equipment designed not only to meet the safety requirements but also to work efficiently and effective if there should ever be an emergency. We are also happy to provide advice and guidance on medical equipment giving the benefit of our many years of experience in this industry.

Oxylator® FR300 Resuscitation Kit.

Oxylator® FR300 Resuscitation KitA lightweight, easy to use Oxygen Resuscitation Kit, incorporating the Oxylator® FR300 Automatic Oxygen Resuscitator with 1.5 metre oxygen hose assembly. Supplied with a pin index oxygen regulator, oxygen cylinder, resuscitation masks and disposables, packed in a robust water-resistant barrel bag with carry handles and shoulder strap.

The Oxylator® FR300 Resuscitation Kit’s main component is the FR300 Automatic Resuscitation Head which is a lightweight, robust unit with single operation button.

The FR300 is connected by a 1.5 metre oxygen hose assembly to a pin index oxygen regulator power outlet port. The regulator also has contents gauge and multiflow oxygen therapy outlet which delivers 13 flows, from 0-30 litres per minute.

Full Technical Specifications on the FR300 are available on request. The oxygen regulator is supplied with a pin index oxygen cylinder connection as standard.

Oxygen regulators with other cylinder connections, such as BS Bullnose, DIN477 numbers 9 or 6 and USA CGA, details are available on request.

Also included in the Oxylator® FR300 Resuscitation Kit:

• 1 2.0 litre WC x 200 bar aluminium oxygen cylinder with pin index cylinder valve as standard
• Handheld aspirator for child and adult
• 1 cylinder key for key type pin index cylinder valves
• 1 pack of 10 FR300 bacterial filters
• 1 Byotrol hand foam sanitizer – 50 ml
• Instructions for use
• 1 Pack of disposables containing – 2 resuscitation masks (adult and child), 2 therapy non-re-breathing mask and tubing (adult and child), 5 airways, 1 pair of gloves.

The Oxylator® FR300 Resuscitation Kit can be supplied with other types of oxygen cylinders or equipment to meet your requirements, details on request.

The complete Oxylator® FR300 Resuscitation Kit is packed, ready for use, in a robust water-resistant barrel bag with carry handles and shoulder strap as standard. Other bags or cases are available on request, please ask for details.

Weights and dimensions:

Complete system, including oxygen cylinder, packed in barrel bag
Weight: 5.7kg Dimensions: 560mm x 250mm

Complete system, less oxygen cylinder, packed in barrel bag
Weight: 2.9kg Dimensions: 560mm x 250mm

To read more information about the Oxylitre Pain Relief System please download the product information PDF below, feel free to contact us with questions on any of our medical equipment.