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Rescue Boat Series


Unsinkable Narwhal rescue boats  comply with SOLAS 1974 and all its ulterior amendments as well the Directive 96/98/CE on Marine Equipment (MEd). SOLAS-CE approved Narwhal rescue boats can be fitted in all vessels with Community flag and in any country where SOLAS rules were accepted. 

Each boat is supplied with its corresponding Conformity Declaration, with its identification plate and with the maintenance and use manuals. The production of all NARWHAL boats, including the rescue boats, is endorsed by the System of Quality ISO ISO 9001:2000  Nº2388-2005-AQ-BAR-ENAC. 

Guarantee based  on the experience, since the first boat's  homologation in 1988, thousands of units have been produced with fully satisfaction for our clients. The demanding test the rescue boats have been submitted in order to achieve their approval, guarantee that the boats will overcome the hardest conditions and the most extreme climates. 

Due to their manoeuvrability and their quick final preparation, their main task is to recover fallen overboard crew members from the sea. They can be used as well to group and to organise the liferafts.

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