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Replacements for R22

Star International has an excellent range of replacements for R22 all designed not only to meet the safety requirements but also to work efficiently and effective if there should ever be an emergency. We are also happy to provide advice and guidance on the Refrigeration Products & Services giving the benefit of our many years of experience in this industry.

RS drop-in series of refrigerants to replace R22 and the interim HCFC blends with little or no changes to equipment needed. Benefits of incur no oil change. They are compatible with all lubricants, all refrigerants are non-flammable, therefore non-ozone. Replacements are depleting and low toxicity; R22 have an A1 Safety classification with ASHRAE

RS-44 (R424A) is an ideal drop-in replacement for R22 in air conditioning applications and can be used in systems with either a capillary tube or expansion device.

Applications for RS-44 include splits, commercial a/c, dehumidifiers, windows, heat pumps, roof tops, water coolers, cold stores, dairy chillers, industrial process cooling, spot coolers, beverage coolers, ice machines, transport refrigeration & walk-in coolers

Star International has an excellent range of replacements for RS-45 (R434A) with a high cooling capacity it is suitable as replacement for R22 across the temperature range where R22 is commonly found in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. In existing systems with a capillary tube, RS-44 (R424A) is the preferred option to replace R22 because of its lower rate.

Applications for RS-45 include, commercial a/c, cold stones, dairy chillers, industrial process cooling, supermarket display cases, flooded systems, transport refrigeration, beverage coolers, frozen drink machines & ice machines

For further technical data on all these products please download the technical data sheets.

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