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RS 52

Star International has an excellent zero drop-in replacement for R22 at low temperatures, R502 & interim ozone depleting blends.  The RS-52 involves no oil change, no change of hardware and is compatible with all lubricants. It is designed not only to meet the safety requirements but also to work efficiently and effective if there should ever be an emergency. We are also happy to provide advice and guidance on the Refrigeration Products & Services giving the benefit of our many years of experience in this industry

The RS52 is non-ozone depleting near azeotropic refrigerant blend which can replace R22, R502 and the interim ozone depleting blends including R402A, R403B, R408A & R411B without the need to change the existing lubricant or make any changes to the system other than adjustment to the expansion device in some cases. RS-52 is targeted towards lower temperature applications.

RS-52 is compatible with all lubricants including both the traditional oils such as mineral and alklbenezene oils and also the new synthetic polyol lubricants. Converting to RS-52 is a straightforward process which avoids a costly and often technically unsatisfactory retrofit (e.g. draining the oil from the system, replacing the seals etc.)

Performance characteristics include the close performance match for R502 it can also replace R22 in low temperature applications. The replacement has lower discharge temperatures and a low temperature glide of <1◦C.

For more information on safety and servicing please download the technical data sheets.

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