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HVAC Cleaning

- Introducing the WIZARD

The inspection, monitoring, recording, cleaning and coating application robot. Star International Paints will never be just another supplier, allied to our range of high performance coatings, we offer a unique system for inspection, cleaning and coating HVAC ducting:

WIZARD is a remotely controlled mole; this enables us to provide the complete turnkey solution for our customers whenever important hygiene issues are faced it is a revolutionary solution for internally coating ducting using sophisticated remote-controlled robot vehicles.

The benefits of the WIZARD are remarkable, the air handling systems need to work effectively and clean system trunking can raise overall efficiency by up to 20% thereby saving money on running costs, it can also help prolong the life of the system. Advanced condition monitoring can help avoid the element of surprise and help avoid the expense of replacing ducting.

To view the full range of treatment by WIZARD please downloads the technical data sheets.

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