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Case Study Cable and Wireless

The demise of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Is already well advanced with the phase out of CFSs in the European Union and the increasing restrictions that re bring applied on the use of HCFXs, of which HCFC22 is by far the largest refrigerant in volume terms.

Case Study Cable and WirelessHCFC22 will be restricted over the next few years with tighter controls, ban on use in new equipment and earlier and deeper cutbacks with eventual phase-out by 2010. During this period, this refrigerant is expected to become increasingly difficult to obtain as the tightening of the European Regulation has its effect, so that makes practical sense to start now to move away to a more environmentally friendly and long term solution.

Wishing to be ahead of the game In replacing HCFC22, Cable and Wireless teamed up with Refrigerant Solutions ltd (RSL), a company that specialises in processing and manufacturing refrigerants, to field trial a new refrigerant blend developed by RSL. The blend, called RS-44, is a non-ozone depleting refrigerant designed to replace HDCFC22 in existing systems. Cable & Wireless currently run two specifications of air conditioning systems, using HCFC22 or HFC407C.

For more information into this case study please downloaded the data sheet.

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