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RS 24

Star International has an excellent new zero drop-in refrigerants for R12 in air conditioning & refrigeration it is almost a perfect performance match. The R24 It is designed not only to meet the safety requirements but also to work efficiently and effective if there should ever be an emergency. We are also happy to provide advice and guidance on the Refrigeration Products & Services giving the benefit of our many years of experience in this industry

The R24 zero ODP drop-in refrigerants are suitable for all applications including mobile air conditioning, with this replacement there is no need to change he existing lubricant (avoiding expensive retrofit). An advantage of using this replacement Is that the RS24 are available in returnable and disposable cylinders and our suitable for new and existing plant and equipment.

The properties of RS-24 make it an almost perfect match for R12 with its compatibility for traditional and synthetic lubricants. Similar performance, lower discharge temperature, non-flammability and relatively short atmospheric lifetime. Performance relative to R12 is illustrated in charts 1, 2, 3. It is this combination of properties which makes RS-24 unique as a replacement for R12 on the market today.

For more information on safety and servicing please download the technical data sheets.

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