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RS 45

Star International has an excellent new zero drop-in replacement for R22 in air conditioning & refrigeration and near azeotropic replacement for R407C (RS45) compatible with mineral, alkyl benzene & polyol ester lubricants. It is designed not only to meet the safety requirements but also to work efficiently and effective if there should ever be an emergency. We are also happy to provide advice and guidance on the Refrigeration Products & Services giving the benefit of our many years of experience in this industry

The replacement RS-45 is suitable OEM & retrofit applications; it has a low temperature glide and is effective in low and high temperatures. Strong performance characteristics include that of RS-45, it has the same compression ratio as R22 with a considerably lower discharge temperature than R22.

Because RS-45 is a close match for R22 with similar cooling capacity, energy efficiency, pressures & low glide, it is suited for use in new equipment by Original Equipment Manufacturers where it has significant advantages over R407C.

Applications for RS-45 include but are not restricted to air conditioning, refrigerated transport, supermarkets, dairy chillers, cold stones, beer cellars, water chillers and others.

For more information on safety and servicing please download the technical data sheets

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