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Products & Services

We are the main contact centre for all World-Wide distribution of supplies.

Star International supplies all types of refrigerants, welding gases, electric welding machines, Fire service and safety equipment to the Marine & Offshore Market.

Biological Products

Star International have our own range of chemicals that will fit all your marine requirements.

Star Enzyme Bio Toilet

Star-Enzyme BTC is a unique biological preparation containing specialised bacterial strains, biodegradable low foaming surfactants and anti-foam agents, for cleaning toilets, sinks, showers and similar areas.

Star Enzyme Drain Pipe Cleaner

Star-Enzyme DPC is a concentrated biological preparation containing a blend of naturally-occurring bacterial strains, specifically developed to deal with sewage wastes. It is supplied in powdered form for easy use, is biodegradable and eliminates safety issues resulting from use of toxic cleaning chemicals.

Star Enzyme Multi Cleaner

Star-Enzyme Multi Cleaner is a unique biological preparation for cleaning and odour reduction on a variety of hard and soft surfaces.

Star Enzyme Odour Control

Star-Enzyme BOE Odour Control is a specialised biological preparation for the elimination of odour in garbage and waste collection areas, rest rooms and galleys, etc. Water-based and pH-neutral, the product provides a multi-faceted approach to odour control technology, containing: High quality fragrance for immediate action. Fast-acting odour neutraliser which binds odour-causing molecules rather than just masking them. Naturally-occurring bacterial strains for deep and effective cleaning through the degradation of organic matter. Hence Star-Enzyme BOE Odour Control eradicates odours by attacking and degrading the source of the odours.

Star Enzyme Sewage

Star-Enzyme Sewage Treatment is a concentrated powdered biological preparation containing a blend of specially selected bacterial strains, specifically developed to deal with sewage wastes. The bacteria in the product will colonise shipboard sanitation systems, and degrade organic matter on a long-term basis. They have been specially selected for their ability to digest sewage waste, including fats and greases, paper, starch and proteins. This also results in a substantial reduction in unpleasant odours. The biological activity in the marine sewage treatment plant is greatly increased, so the plant can handle more waste.

Star Enzyme Sink Cleaner

Star-Enzyme Biological Sink Clearer is a specialised biological preparation formulation for the treatment of clogged drain lines, grease traps and floor drains.

Star Enzyme Toilet Descaler

Star-Enzyme Soluble Descaling Sachets are a specialised biological preparation containing organic acids and naturally-occurring bacterial strains designed to descale toilets and system pipework. Packed in 50 gram water soluble sachets, the product provides immediate chemical action on inorganic scale, followed by long-term activity of beneficial bacteria which degrade uric acid scale, fats and greases, and other organic matter.

Star Sewage Hypo Tablet

For toilet bowls, add one 50g sachet to each toilet once a week as a minimum.