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Product code: 00124013

Moyne Roberts Water Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher 9 litre (with cartridge) (MED approved)

Ideal for use against Class A fires, which are those involving solid materials (wood, paper, textiles etc).

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This 9-litre water stored extinguisher is commonly used in areas such as dry good storage and hotel communal areas, as well as any number of potential other placements where a Class A fire could occur.


  • Quality valves
  • Squeeze grip design for enhanced discharge control
  • Passed 35kv conductivity of discharge test
  • Safety relief valves
  • Internal PE lining up to ceiling point no internal threads exposed to liquids to stop corrosion
  • Large diameter neck rings for easy inspection
  • Full epoxy polyester coated steel shell for high corrosion protection
  • Protective plastic bases
  • Ergonomically designed discharge nozzles
  • Impact resistant pressure gauges
  • High fire rating
  • Supplied with wall brackets

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