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Narwhal SOLAS SV-420 Rescue Boat

SOLAS-approved SV-420 rescue boat offering exceptional speed & stability. Ideal for search & rescue teams, coast guards, and marine professionals.

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Our Narwhal SOLAS SV-420 rescue boat is a high-performance craft designed to meet the stringent SOLAS standards. This rescue boat offers exceptional speed, stability, and manoeuvrability to help you respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations. With its rugged construction, advanced safety features, and spacious deck, the Narwhal SV-420 is the ideal choice for search and rescue teams, coast guards, and other marine professionals who demand the best in reliability and performance.

Built with the latest technology and materials, the Narwhal SV-420 is the perfect solution for rescue missions, maritime surveillance, and other emergency situations. Its robust design can withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy-duty usage, ensuring that you can rely on it even in the most challenging situations. The boat’s spacious deck allows for easy movement and storage of essential equipment, while the advanced safety features keep the crew and passengers safe at all times.

SV-420 features

The Narwhal SV-420 is available in a range of configurations to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a basic rescue boat or a fully equipped maritime surveillance vessel, we have you covered. Our expert team will work with you to customise your boat to your exact specifications, ensuring that you get the perfect solution for your unique requirements.

On top of that the rescue boat SV-420 has transverse seats for all the passengers and a bow locker to store all the necessary equipment. This new length rescue boat intends to improve boat capacity and performance, allowing a quicker and more effective answer when facing an emergency situation.

The rescue boat SV-420 layout has been designed and approved in order to allow navigation by using an adapted driving position, as well as navigation with traditional outboard engine with tiller. Approved for a 40 hp minimum engine power and 75 hp maximum engine power, the driving position will allow a more comfortable boat operation, improving the reaction time in case of emergency. There is room enough on the deck to place the approved stretcher (compulsory requirement) for injured person transportation. Besides, the boat has transverse seats for all the passengers and a bow locker to store the necessary equipment.

SV-420 main uses

  • Sea rescue of injured people and “man overboard”
  • Towing & grouping of liferafts
  • Helicopter guidance during rescue operations
  • Crew & cargo transport between ships and to shore
  • Vessel inspections works

Technical details

Length Overall 420 cm
Inside Length 306 cm
Beam Overall 207 cm
Inside Beam 123 cm
Maximum Depth 100 cm
Buoyancy Diameter 51 cm
Tube Chambers 5+1
Maximum Engine Power 25HP or 40HP
Engine Shaft Type L
Max. Authorised PAX No. 6
Lightship Weight 200 Kg.
Max Authorised Load 716 Kg
Load Displacement 916 Kg
Bouyancy Tube Material PU Polyurethane
Approval S.O.L.A.S.
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