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We are the main contact centre for all World-Wide distribution of supplies.

Star International supplies all types of refrigerants, welding gases, electric welding machines, Fire service and safety equipment to the Marine & Offshore Market.

Star EndoSan disinfectant

Star EndoSan is a powerful disinfectant that is effective against a wide spectrum of contaminants, including; viruses, bacteria, fungi, microbes and biofilm.

The Star EndoSan (EndoSan) treatment solution offers an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine-based disinfection methods, utilising a silver-ionised hydrogen peroxide mixture that can be used to sterillise water, air or any surface. Its unique chemistry means it is completely safe and offers a single solution to all disinfection requirements.

Key benefits:

  • An effective bactericide, virucide, (including COVID 19) sporicide, fungicide, algaecide and amoebicide and biofilm remover
  • Environmentally friendly – breaks down into water and oxygen with no harmful by-products
  • Alcohol and chlorine free
  • Unrivalled stability
  • Non-toxic and pH neutral when dosed
  • Proven efficacy and globally approved
  • Effective between 0°C and 95°C
  • Odour, colour and taste free
  • Two-year shelf life

EndoSan is available in several different concentrations that have been formulated for specific applications and via a range of delivery methods. Star International supplies EndoSan products, delivery / dosing equipment and disinfection and treatment services. 


EndoSan for marine applications

Star EndoSan offers a complete, ship-wide sterilisation solution, with a huge application range covering potable and wastewater, swimming pools and spa areas, food preparation and deep cleaning of all indoor areas via fogging.

Contact our team for advice concerning on-board deep cleaning and on-going disinfection. 

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