Star House, Turbine Business Park, Turbine Road, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH41 9BA

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Products & Services

We are the main contact centre for all World-Wide distribution of supplies.

Star International supplies all types of refrigerants, welding gases, electric welding machines, Fire service and safety equipment to the Marine & Offshore Market.

Special Products

Star Antifreeze

Product codes: 1000 Ltr: 00930047 / 25 Ltr: 00930002

Star Bilge Water Flocculant

Product code: 00920031

Star Biocontrol WT

Product code: 00910072

Star Hydroxide 32%

Product code: 00950052

Star Hypo 14/15% - Standard Bromate

Product code: 00930001

Star Hypo 5% - Standard Bromate

Product code: 00920033

COVID-19 Test Kits

Product code: 01920150