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Draeger Pac - The Ultimate in single series gas detector technology.


Draeger Pac - The Ultimate in single series gas detector technology.

Draeger Pac - The Ultimate in single series gas detector technology

  • Durable and Robust Design
  • Large LCD Display
  • High Performance
  • 5-8 Years Life Cycle

Choose gases from drop down list:

  • Oxygen - O2
  • Carbon Monoxide - CO
  • Hydrogen Sulfide - H2S

Personal single gas detectors manufactured by safety apparatus market leader Draeger are reknowned for reliability, accuracy, ease of use and construction quality.

These units are made from state of the art sensor technology and are exceptionally robust, portable and packed with the most up to date modern safety features.

Icon based diplays that are universally easy to understand, regardless of language. In any hazardous environment where there is the likelihood of air contamination, these personal gas detectors are the first line of defence.

The Draeger Pac product line is simply the most advanced gas detection equipment available - featuring the patented Draeger XXS miniature sensor systems, which enable the user to individually test and calibrate captured events.

You can be sure of clearly displayed unambiguous results from the non text based backlit display that provides excellent visibility even in low light conditions. They are also designed to be operated with one hand, even when the user is wearing gloves.

These units are housed in a chemical resistant rubber casing that is designed to be impact resistant, water repellant and IP68 standard compliant. Equipped with multitone acoustic and vibration alarm systems as well as extremely bright LED warning lights they are highly visible from any angle.

Fitted to the users belt or clothing by alligator clip for convenience and safety, these units can alert the user immediately even when stored in their pocket.