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Products & Services

We are the main contact centre for all World-Wide distribution of supplies.

Star International supplies all types of refrigerants, welding gases, electric welding machines, Fire service and safety equipment to the Marine & Offshore Market.

Harnesses & Fall Arrest

We offer a wide range of fall arrest and fall restraint products that will provide you with a safe a secure working environment when working at height.

All our fall arrest and restraint safety systems fully comply with all HSE working at height regulations and also other relevant worldwide standards.

If you require any further information about working at height or have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Pro AB100 Harness

Simple harness which includes an anchorage point

Fall Arrest Harness

Complete with simple closures and easily definable leg strappings

AB103 Harness

AB103 Harness CE Approved

AB101/19 Harness

Fully adjustable shoulder and thigh straps

Life Jackets with Fall Arrest Harnesses

Life jacket with fall arrest harness.

PRO Positioning Belt

Comfortable and light, this belt can be used with any positioning lanyard in the PRO range

Tripod Confined Space Entry System

Can be combined with a variety of pulleys, winches and fall arrest devices

Pocketbloc - Retractable Fall Arrest Device

A range of self-retracting fall arresters in lengths of 1.65 to60m

Sail Training Triple Y Lanyard

Developed in conjunction with the AB103 marine safety harness

Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Complete with 2 x AJ 501 screw gate carabiners.

Energy Absorber Lanyard

The Sanchoc’s main component is a rip strap ensuring energy dissipation in the event of a fall