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Star International has further expanded its line of disinfection products with the introduction of an Air Conditioning treatment solution that can significantly improve air quality on-board ship.

Gelair A/C Blocks can be easily installed in any Air Conditioning (A/C) system and offer an economical way to reduce the presence of disease carrying microbial contaminants including bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeasts. Star International will be supplying the solution as an official distributor to the marine sector in the UK and Ireland.

The solution uses a formulation of tea tree oil, suspended in a biodegradable gel that steadily releases an antiseptic vapour into the A/C system as it circulates air, improving air quality and reducing the chances of cross contamination. 

The chart on the right illustrates the bacteria count prior to and three days after the installation of blocks in the A/C unit of a healthcare facility.  

Paul Antley, Director at Star International said: “Throughout lockdown, we’ve been working with our customers to identify areas where they need support in making vessels safe as the industry returns to pre-lockdown service levels.

Gelair A/C Blocks have been proven to drastically improve air quality and lower the concentration of potentially harmful airborne contaminants, and are the latest addition to a line of disinfection products that will help ensure the safety of passengers and crew on-board ship.”

The Gelair A/C Blocks are most effective when implemented as part of a wider disinfection programme, and are being offered in conjunction with Star’s EndoSan fogging solution, that is already being used by major ferry operators to deep clean vessels between and during voyages.


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