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Star offers Fluoro-K™ fire suppression systems

We are pleased to announce that Star can now supply and service Kidde Fluoro-K™ Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems (25 bar and 35 bar).

Fluoro-K is a FK-5-1-12 chemical clean agent alternative to Novec 1230 (which will eventually be phased out), and which addresses the same purity and toxicity concerns associated with Halon.

In most cases, a system originally designed for Novec requires no hardware changes if converted to using Fluoro-K. A discharged Novec 1230 system can be refilled with Fluoro-K without any changes to agent volumes, cylinder quantities, pipe sizes or nozzle drills.

We also offer design and installation for the systems.

What is the Fluoro-K based clean agent fire suppression solution?

Clean agent systems provide excellent fire suppression with maximum coverage and no cleanup required afterward. This efficiency minimises downtime and disruption to your operations, ensuring your vessel can quickly return to service.

The Fluoro-K agent itself is colourless, with low odour and no particulate or oily residue allowing for minimal business disruption after a discharge. From an environmental standpoint, Fluoro-K has zero ozone depletion potential, and an atmospheric lifetime of less than five days.

Key benefits

Environmentally safe

  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).
  • Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 1.
  • Atmospheric lifetime of less than five days.


Fluoro-K fluid discharges as a colourless, electrically non-conductive and noncorrosive gas that does not damage sensitive equipment. There is no post-discharge residue, and no costly clean-up operations needed.

Rapid response

Fluoro-K fluid puts fires out in seconds, before they can do any serious damage. This reduces repair costs and downtime compared with standard sprinkler systems. This rapid response capability can be life-saving, providing peace of mind in emergency situations. It is effective on a wide range of Class A, B and electrical fires.


Clean agent fire suppression systems are highly adaptable and can be effectively used in various areas of your vessel, including engine rooms, galleys, control rooms, and cargo holds. Their versatility ensures comprehensive protection across all critical areas.

Safe for crew and passengers

Unlike some chemical-based suppression agents that pose health risks such as suffocation or long-term health effects, clean agents are non-toxic and have a low atmospheric lifetime. This ensures they are safe for use in occupied spaces, safeguarding the health of your crew and passengers.

Efficient system design

The fire protection system compromises Fluoro-K fluid stored in nitrogen-pressurised steel cylinders connected to distribution pipework and specially designed discharge nozzles. This offers higher cylinder fill capacities to maximise storage space, and enables refills to be transported in unpressurised cylinders without the restrictions on gaseous alternatives.

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