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Inspection & Servicing

Marine Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and HVAC Services

Our inspection, maintenance, installation and repair packages cover all aspects of marine refrigeration, air conditioning and HVAC systems.

Ensure the continued operation of all your ship’s refrigeration, air conditioning and HVAC systems with our comprehensive maintenance and inspection services.

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Key benefits:

  • Improved system efficiency.
  • Increased operational life of systems.
  • Identification of component wear prior to failure.
  • Reduced risk of system failure and downtime.

This service covers:

  • Refrigeration and liquid chilling equipment
  • Refrigeration compressors
  • Air cooled condensers
  • Water cooled condensers
  • Evaporators: Air cooling
  • Evaporators: Water / glycol cooling
  • Refrigerant gas detection system
  • Compressors

Global Service Delivery

We can service vessels in port at locations worldwide. The service has been developed specifically to support the maritime sector and offers the flexibility to support the changeable nature of shipping schedules.

F-Gas Compliant System Upgrades and Retrofits

Ensure F-Gas compliance for existing refrigeration and air conditioning systems until 2030 with a system upgrade, using Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) RS Series Drop-In Refrigerants.

It’s a simple and low-cost way to extend the operational life of existing units, and switch away from CFCs, R22 and R404A, R507 and all 400 series gases, without the cost and downtime associated with a full system replacement.

We can supply, install, and commission system upgrades, including: gas switch out to a compliant alternative, any necessary hardware modifications, commissioning, and removal of recovered gas.

Take a look at our wide range of refrigerants and refrigeration products.

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