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A comprehensive choice of refrigeration gases, products and services, designed to meet all your marine refrigeration needs.

Our range

Refrigerants available include conventional gases in virgin and reclaimed form, together with a range of RS Series refrigerants that have been developed as a Global Warming Potential (GWP) ‘drop-in’ solution. These operate within F-Gas guidelines and replace banned gases with little to no hardware modifications required.

And, if you’re looking to replace banned refrigerants with little to no hardware modifications required, contact us about our on-board retrofitting service.

Complete on-site refrigeration services

With decades of experience in the marine industry, we also offer convenient on-site refrigeration installation, commissioning, servicing, and repair services from various ports across Europe. Find out more about our On-Board Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and HVAC Services.

A comprehensive range of specialised refrigeration tools for maintenance and repairs are also available.

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