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Inspection & Servicing

Firefighting Equipment (FFE) Servicing

Comprehensive inspection, servicing and repair of all fire detection systems and firefighting equipment for marine vessels and offshore platforms

Wherever you are in the world, we can complete on-board fire system servicing, including the supply, inspection and service of all marine firefighting equipment (FFE) found on vessels and offshore platforms.

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All servicing is completed by our experienced technicians, in accordance with IMO 1432 (revised guidelines for the maintenance and inspection of fire protection systems and appliances) and MSC Circ 1318 for CO2 systems. We also hold approvals from DNV-GL, Lloyds Register and Bureau Veritas.

Scope of service includes:

Gas-based systems

Argonite; CO2 high-pressure and low-pressure systems, including hydrotesting; FM200; Inergen; Nitrogen; Novec clean agent fire extinguishing system; Fluoro-K clean agent fire suppression system.

Water-based systems

Deluge systems (including end of line flow testing and pump testing); Water mist systems; Wet pipe sprinkler systems.

Powder-based systems

Dry chemical powder fire extinguishing systems; Dual agent systems.

Fixed foam systems

High expansion foam systems; Low expansion foam; Foam sample analysis; Galley / deep fat fryer systems.

Aerosol-based systems

FirePro; Stat-X; Pyrogen.

Our fire service teams can design, install, commission, service and repair fire detection and alarm systems on-board ship and on offshore installations.

Our service covers all makes and models of fire systems, based upon heat, smoke and flame detection and includes:

  • Fire alarms
  • Firetrace systems
  • Fixed fire detection
  • Portable fire detection
  • Sample extraction smoke detection systems

We can also supply and fit OEM parts for any system:

  • Fire alarm call points
  • Fire alarm control panels
  • Fire alarm kits
  • Fire alarm accessories
  • Audible smoke alarms
  • Smoke detector testers

BA compressors

Star International can inspect, service and repair all types of BA compressors, ensuring reliability and that the quality of air produced is of the highest possible purity.

Servicing includes a full inspection of the BA compressor and essential maintenance, including:

  • Air quality testing
  • Replacement of replenishable components such as filters

Breathing apparatus

We service all major brands of breathing apparatus (BA) and emergency escape breathing devices (EEBDs).

Our service is supported with an extensive range of spare parts, including masks, cylinders, demand valves and service kits.

We can also supply new EEBD and BA sets from leading manufacturers.

Fire extinguishers

Star International can supply, service and maintain all makes and configuration of portable fire extinguisher available on the market, including:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) extinguishers
  • Dry powder extinguishers
  • Foam extinguishers
  • Water extinguishers
  • Wet chemical extinguishers

Our range covers all maritime applications and are all MED marine approved.

On-board inspection and servicing on a wide selection of firefighting equipment, including fire hoses, coupling and accessories, is also available.

Fire lockers, cabinets and equipment

Our service team can perform complete inspections of marine-grade fire lockers, storage cabinets, housings and accessories, to ensure your vessel’s lifesaving provisions meet the required standards and are in full working order.

Scope of inspection and supply covers all firefighter equipment, including:

Jackets; Trousers Safety belts; Safety lines; Helmets; Boots; Fire axes; Tally boards.

Our service includes the supply of all the firefighting and lifesaving equipment needed on-board ship.

Fire and chemical protection suits

Our collection of fire and chemical protection suits cover a range of design parameters, offering choice in terms of weight, breathability, mechanical resistance and protection.

Chemical suits can be supplied across all types (1 – 6), with servicing and inspection available across the entire range.

We can advise on the most appropriate choice based on the intended use of the garment, ensuring that crew have the right kit available in the event of an emergency.

We also complete suit inspections, ensuring that the garments are not compromised and are safe for use.

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