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Marine Fuel Testing and Treatment
Marine Fuel Testing and Treatment

Marine Fuel Testing and Treatment
Marine Fuel Testing and Treatment

Protect the integrity of your fuel with our range of fuel testing and treatment solutions that can detect, neutralise and help prevent contamination.

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Turnkey fuel stewardship solution

The Star marine fuel testing and treatment range provides a turnkey stewardship solution for users of marine diesel fuels and low sulphur alternatives. The range is suitable for all kinds of vessels, from commercial tankers to leisure craft, and provides an effective means to measure and manage fuel quality.

The range includes the following on-board solutions:

Star XRF onboard sulphur tester

An on-board analyser that confirms sulphur content in fuel within a range of 0.1% – 5.0%, allowing validation of fuel for vessels operating within and outside of designated Emission Control Areas (ECAs).

Star FUELSTAT contamination test kit

An on-board testing solution that detects Hormoconis resinae (diesel bug), bacteria, fungi and yeast contaminants in as little as 10 minutes.

Star Mariner fuel treatment additives

A range of fuel treatment additives that are effective with Marine Gas Oils (MGOs) and low sulphur alternatives, acting to neutralise and prevent contamination, improve shelf life and counter temperature induced coagulation.

Fuel treatment services

Fuel sampling and analysis, fuel polishing and storage tank cleaning services that are delivered by expert technician’s on-board ship. Star International has partnered with Fuel Specialist Services (FSS) to offer an all-inclusive approach to ensuring the quality.

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