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Inspection & Servicing

Marine Fuel Testing and Treatment Services

An all-inclusive approach to ensuring onboard fuel quality, comprising fuel sample analysis, fuel polishing and conditioning; and fuel tank & system cleaning.

In partnership with Fuel Specialist Services (FSS), we offer an all-inclusive approach to ensuring onboard fuel quality and safeguarding storage systems.

Service provision includes:

  • Fuel sample analysis.
  • Fuel polishing and fuel conditioning.
  • Fuel tank and system cleaning.

Used in conjunction with the fuel testing and treatment range, operators can benefit from an all-encompassing solution to fuel management, covering on-boarding, storage and use.

Fuel Sampling and Analysis

Fuel analysis provides quantitative proof of the quality of fuel, together with the nature and severity of any contamination.

Our fuel sampling and analysis service can be applied to all fuels commonly used for marine applications and covers low and ultra-low sulphur alternatives, together with lubricating and heavy oils.

Analysis is completed to ISO 4406 EN590 and ASTM standards and can inform an effective treatment regime to protect fuel integrity throughout the product lifecycle.

Key benefits:

  • Confirm the quality of fuel in storage or verify supplies at the point of bunkering.
  • Identify a range of contaminants and their severity.
  • Inform an effective treatment regime for fuel on-board ship, with benchmarking provided from the initial sample.

Fuel Polishing and Conditioning

A fuel polishing and conditioning service that uses unique filtration and chemical technology to decontaminate and recover spoilt fuel supplies.

Fuel polishing is the most effective means available to salvage contaminated fuel, and works by removing contaminants including moisture, bacteria, sediment, sludge and particles from the fuel mix.

Our service uses a unique filtration system that can be integrated permanently into a vessel’s fuel system, or ‘linked’ from the quayside to condition on-board fuel supplies whilst in port or dry dock. Filtration can be achieved from 10 microns, down to 0.5 microns, with treated fuel returned to the vessel within BS EN fuel standards.

Key benefits:

  • Salvage contaminated fuel on-board and in bunkering facilities.
  • Avoid costly waste disposal charges and costs related to replacing contaminated fuel.
  • Extend the shelf life of fuel in ship’s storage tanks.
  • Minimise fuel system downtime, maintenance costs and component wear.
  • Realise improved fuel efficiency.

Tank and Fuel System Cleaning

Fuel tank cleaning is an essential element of a robust approach to fuel stewardship and offers a proven means to purge on-board fuel systems of any impurities that can transfer to the fuel supply.

Our fuel tank cleaning service is bespoke to an individual fuel system and can draw on manual and automated approaches to provide a safe and thorough cleanse of a vessel’s fuel storage and handling facilities.

Key benefits:

  • Minimise the chances of fuel developing contamination issues post bunkering.
  • Improve system efficiency and reliability.
  • Minimise component wear and reduce the frequency of system filter replacements.
  • Extend the operational lifespan of tanks and fuel handling systems.
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