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Marine Gas Detectors

Marine Gas Detectors
Marine Gas Detectors

For the detection of flammable gases, oxygen depletion and toxic gases. Find out what we can offer.

Our detection units are fully portable, usually worn on the clothing or clipped on a belt. Should the unit detect a gas level outside a pre-set safe limit, an alarm will sound usually accompanied by a flashing light allowing the individual to vacate the area.

This provides an indispensable safety enhancement for crew when working in engine rooms, storage tanks, storage areas and confined spaces within a ship’s hull.

The gas detectors come in a variety of styles, a single gas version, a multi gas version (where numerous gases need monitoring), fully disposable versions and each comes pre-set for the detection of gases that are of concern in your industry and location. Our range includes BW, Crowcon and Honeywell.

All units are available with a complete range of consumables and accessories.

Gas detectors require regular calibration to ensure accuracy of the gas readings. Star offers a full calibration service – please contact us for calibration support.

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