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Product code: 00950009

Star Enzyme Drain Pipe Cleaner

Powdered solution that removes oils, fat and grease from grease traps, and pipe work. Specially formulated to replace traditional marine cleaning chemicals.

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Powdered solution that removes oils, fat and grease from grease traps, and pipe work.

The product doses millions of beneficial bacteria into the sanitary system, where they colonise downstream pipework and break down organic matter over an extended period. They also bring benefits to the sewage treatment plant, where they enhance biological activity, breaking down solids and reducing odours.

Specially formulated to replace traditional cleaning chemicals, which may be harmful to the sewage system, the product is biodegradable and safe to use, with no special handling requirements. It is suitable for all marine sanitary and sewage treatment systems.


  • Powder biological formulation for easy use.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Clears pipes and systems blocked by organic waste residuals.
  • Eliminates obnoxious odours from soiled pipelines.
  • Cleans fouled pipes and systems. particularly long horizontal runs.
  • Keeps holding tank organic waste liquid pumpable and odour free.
  • Cost effective, saves the time, money and manpower of plumbing operations to clear blocked pipe work.
  • Overcomes potential safety problems associated with the use of toxic cleaning chemicals.


4kg in sealed solutub

Directions for use

Pipe cleaning

Maintenance dosing will keep sinks, scuppers and waste food disposal units clean, clear and odour-free. A liquid solution should be prepared by adding one solupac to 10 litres of hand hot (35°C) if fresh water and left for 15 minutes (stirring periodically) for the bacteria to activate.

Initial doses of 0.5 litres of this solution should be applied into sinks, scuppers, drains, waste food disposal units, etc. A maintenance dose once or twice a week can then be applied to keep the pipes in clean condition.

Harsh toxic cleaners (acids, caustics, disinfectants) should not be used as these will kill off the bacterial action in the pipes.

Before plumbing work for pipe modification or retrofits, pipes can be cleaned by isolating the system and filling pipes with the solution for up to 48 hours before draining. If necessary, further applications should be made until drains run clean.

Holding tanks

Organic wastes can be kept liquid and pumpable. Tanks can be cleaned without manual entry and without the use of harsh toxic cleaning chemicals. Prepare a solution of one solupac to ten litres of hand hot (35°C) freshwater and left for 15 minutes (stirring periodically) before dosing into the holding tank once or twice a week. The dose rates should be approximately one solupac per 1000 litres of waste in the tank. Tank cleaning should be carried out using Star Enzyme Drain Pipe Cleaner 700FN.

Note: Severely scaled systems should be acid cleaned.

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product for detailed information on safety and health.

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