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Star Clean OSD

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Star Clean OSD is a biodegradable, hydrocarbon based product with light dispersing efficiency and low toxicity.

It has proved to be very effective in the dispersion of oil spillages at sea and on inland waterways, but is also recommended for the applications including; beach cleaning and treatment of oil spillages on dry land, cleaning of harbour walls, and cleaning of oil storage tanks.


25 ltrs

Star Clean OSD is sprayed undiluted on the oil slick or oil deposit to form a stable emulsion which will dissipate naturally at sea or can be hosed away for land application. The spray method should be at low pressure allowing the liquid to fall in droplets. The area treated should be agitated by propeller turbulence or high pressure hoses to aid emulsification.

It is acceptable for use on detergent spraying ships which are used for the break-up of large oil slicks at sea. For use on hard surfaces on land Star Clean OSD may be applied by swab or brush, agitated and hosed away.

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product for detailed information on safety and health.

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