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Star International
Product code: 00910020

Star High Pressure (HP) Wash

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Star High Pressure (HP) Wash is a specially formulated, fast-acting, concentrated heavy-duty maintenance cleaner designed for use in floor high pressure cleaners, scrubbing machines etc.

Star HP Wash is recommended where any form of agitation is required to perform the cleaning operation. It is water dilutable and will effectively and safely remove stubborn soil from hard surfaces, including: bulkheads, floors, decks, paintwork, and machinery. Particularly effective when used in steam cleaners and power washing machines or mechanically agitated tanks. Star HP Wash can be used in a multitude of applications to remove grease, dirt, oil and carbon.


  • Formulated for use with HP cleaning machines.
  • Rapid dispersal of a large range of oils and greases.
  • Leaves a good shine on hard surfaces after cleaning.
  • Star HP Wash is suitable for hot or cold high pressure spray equipment.
  • Can be used for general cleaning in the engine room, outside paintwork and on the deck.
  • Can be used on Ro/Ro vessel car decks, for removal of traffic film.
  • As a general purpose cleaner, it reduces the need to hold inventories of many products.


25 ltrs

Directions for use

For use in steam cleaners or power washing machines, dilute with 40 parts water (2-3% soln.) in the detergent tank.

For mechanically agitated cleaning operations, use 1 part to 10 parts water (10% soln.) at a temperature of 50-65°C.

For walls, floors, decks and paintwork use DILUTED TO 1 – 2 % with water. Apply by spray, mop, sponge, brush or cloth.

For light duty applications use at a dilution of between 0.5 and 1%.

After cleaning with concentrated solutions wash off with clean water.


Contact with the skin should be washed off with water. Wear suitable protective clothing (PVC gloves, boots and overalls) when using the above product.

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product for detailed information on safety and health

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