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Product code: 00910004/00910005

Star Rust Converter (VACTAN)

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Star Rust Converter (VACTAN) is a complex mixture of a vinyl acrylic copolymer and tannic acid for the treatment of corroded steel and iron surfaces. The solution neutralises the corrosion process by converting the rust into a blue / black metalo-organic complex which passivates the surface. It then further protects the surface by filming a film with a low permeability to water vapour and oxygen.

It is self-priming, but for long term protection it is advisable to overcoat with a suitable water or solvent base midcoat or topcoat.

Star Rust Converter has been tested and certified as fit for the use in grain carriage and potable water systems. It may also be used in sensitive food areas. One litre can treat 8-9 square metres.

As well as the marine industry, Star Rust Converter (VACTAN) can be used in the following areas: manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, local authority, road haulage, chemical, heavy engineering, building and construction, among others.


  • 5 ltrs (0910004)
  • 25 ltrs (0910005)

Directions for use

Surfaces should be wire-brushed to remove soluble salts by washing with water (as they inhibit the conversion process) and should also be oil and grease free.

Star Rust Converter (VACTAN) has been designed for application by spray and brush. By airless spray, a dry film thickness of up to 60 microns can be achieved without sagging. The addition of further water may be necessary for air assisted spraying.

By brush application, a dry film thickness of up to 40 microns per coat is considered optimum.

Drying conditions

Temperature, humidity, air movement and film thickness all affect the time to reach the touch dry stage. Under ideal conditions, a 100-micron wet film of Star Rust Converter (VACTAN) will be touch dry in approximately 10 minutes at 20℃, whereas at 10℃ and with little air movement this time can be as long as 2 hours.

Star Rust Converter should not be applied at temperatures below 10℃, or when there is a risk of condensation or rain during this drying period.


Star Rust Converter may be coated when cured with any conventional paint using brush, roller or spray.

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product for detailed information on safety and health.

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