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Star International
Product code: 00920006

Star Soot Deposit Remover

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An active blend of mineral based salts, containing slag modifiers and carbon oxidation catalyst. Each stick contains approximately 0.5 kgs of Soot Deposit Remover.

Star Soot Deposit Remover can be used to remove unburned carbon slag deposits from boiler furnaces, superheaters, economisers, air heaters, and exhaust path/stacks.


  • Reduces soot and slag deposits by transforming them into dry, powdery ashes which are easily removed.
  • Reduces cold end corrosion by neutralizing sulphuric acid deposits on surfaces where the temperature is lower than the dew point of the exhaust gas.
  • Improves heat transfer and aids soot blowing due to reduction in deposits.
  • Increases boiler efficiency.
  • Reduces cleaning costs by decreasing maintenance and frequency of cleaning.
  • No need to shut down the boiler or plant when dosing.
  • Available in easy-to-use stick form.


25 kg

Determine the quantity of Soot Deposit Remover required by the quantity of fuel consumed per boiler per day (see below).

Oil consumption tonnes/day 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180
Dosage kg (powder) 1 2 4 6 9 12 14 16 18
Number of sticks 2 4 8 12 18 24 28 32 36

Introduce the appropriate amount of Soot Deposit Remover into the hottest part of the boiler furnace by adopting any of the following methods:

  1. Open a boiler peephole or furnace door and throw in the required number of sticks.
  2. Remove the burner and shoot the required number of sticks through the body of the burner housing into the furnace and replace the burner.
  3. If the boiler is equipped with dosing injector, simply pour the contents of the stick into the injectors and direct the nozzle towards the hottest area of the flame. PRODUCT DOSE For Oil-fired boilers, the daily dosage depends on the fuel oil consumption per boiler, per day (see table).

For coal-fired boilers, the approximate daily dosage is 3kg of Soot Deposit Remover per 30 tonnes of coal consumed per boiler every 24 hours.

Note: for best results apply Soot Deposit Remover daily, immediately after soot blowing.

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product for detailed information on safety and health.

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