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Star International
Product code: 00620091

Star Wax and Tar Remover

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Star Wax and Tar Remover is a specially designed product for removal, softening and suspending of various waxes, tars, pitches and heavy crude deposits. This very effective solvent is ideal for the removal of previously mentioned in situ where access to pipe work, hydrocyclone liners, coolers etc is limited and excessive downtime causes concern.


25 ltr

Designed to be used either neat, or at dilutions of up to 10-1 with fresh or sea water. If residue is minor, Star Wax and Tar Remover can be diluted with fresh water to a maximum of 10 – 1. When used in pipelines or in vessels contaminated with crude or wax residue, use as supplied.

The solution must be circulated around items to dewax, and the solution not allowed to separate. This product will work to greater effect with slight addition of heat.

In high-pressure situations, the product will form an unstable emulsion with the aqueous phase, and must be kept agitated prior to its use, or asseparation will occur.

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product for detailed information on safety and health.

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