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Guardian Dosing System Installation and Service Pack

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The Guardian Pulse Plus dosing system is a state-of-the-art, proportional chemical dosing system designed specifically for the accurate application of EndoSan. It is equipped with a pulse step-up and pulse step-down feature, allowing it to adjust and optimise chemical dosage precisely in accordance with external signal generators (like water meters).

The system boasts an in-built traffic light system to alert you when EndoSan levels in the drum are low. All components, including lance and bund, come pre-assembled and stress tested before delivery.

A ‘plug and play’ dosing system, the Guardian Pulse Plus enables accurate metering of fluid chemicals, saving time and money and making water treatment simpler than ever before.

This package includes a full installation, calibration and commissioning package carried out by a fully qualified engineer on site. This includes an extra visit to the site within 12 months, and a two-year extended warranty.

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