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Water Treatment Services

Treatment of potable and wastewater on-board ship.

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EndoSan is an effective and reliable form of water treatment, serving as a non-toxic, non-corrosive alternative to chlorine disinfection. Odourless, colourless, and tasteless, EndoSan can be used to manage microbial biofilms in many water systems onboard ships.

A safe choice for treating pathogenic organisms like Covid-19, influenza, MRSA, Legionella and E. coli, it is the only product of its kind to be NSF/ANSI certified for drinking water disinfection purposes.

Our experienced technicians can advise on disinfection strategies tailored to an individual vessel’s water system and implement a system that will support established Freshwater Treatment Plans (FWTPs) and deliver a long-term solution to ensuring water quality.


  • Provides ongoing sanitisation of potable water, removing biofilms and pathogens.
  • Fully automated and low maintenance.
  • Minimises the risk of infection spreading via potable water systems.
  • Protects passengers and crew from waterborne contaminants.
  • Reduces the risk of vessel quarantine / downtime and associated costs / revenue loss.
  • Clinically proven efficacy against Coronavirus, influenza, MRSA, Legionella, E. coli and other pathogens.
  • The eradication of biofilms, spores, algae, fungi and amoeba from water systems.
  • No chlorine, bleach, or alcohol will enter the water system.
  • No residual taste, colour or odour in treated water.
  • No harmful by products – EndoSan dissolves into oxygen and water post disinfection.
  • No corrosive damage to the water systems.

The on-board water treatment service includes:

  • On-board consultation and water system survey.
  • Written installation and long-term water treatment strategy.
  • Full implementation of strategy including supply and installation / commissioning / on-going maintenance.
  • Post disinfection testing with publication of results / proof of efficacy.
  • Optional, complementary water treatment planning review.

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