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Product code: 00910102

Star Engine Water Treatment (TRAC118)

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Star Engine Water Treatment is a nitrite-based corrosion inhibitor and designed for use in closed cooling systems.

The treatment is designed for use as treatment in closed systems containing steel and copper alloy components with a high heat flux.


  • Extended tube bundle and equipment life due to reduced corrosion of mild steel surfaces.
  • Can be used in closed cooling and heating systems.
  • Is effective in high heat flux systems where heat transfer surfaces experience high skin temperatures and corrosion control challenges are demanding.
  • Can be used in uninhibited glycol antifreezes.


  • 25 ltrs (00910102)

Directions for use


The required dosage of Star Engine Water Treatment will depend on water chemistry and site-specific parameters.


  • Star Engine Water Treatment should be fed via a closed system.
  • A closed system is defined as a system in which fluid is moved from a closed storage vessel into a treated media without exposure to the atmosphere except through normal venting or pressure relief devices.
  • Star Engine Water Treatment must be fed where rapid mixing will occur and be distributed throughout the system.

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product for detailed information on safety and health.

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