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Product code: 00910040

Star Evaporator Treatment

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Star Evaporator Treatment is a polymer-based additive to prevent scale formation in evaporators.

The liquid is based on a low molecular weight polyacrylate which inhibits the formation of carbonate and sulphate scale deposits. It also inhibits the deposition of precipitates by keeping them dispersed and conditioned to be removed by blowdown. Star Evaporator Treatment remains stable at high temperatures and does not hydrolyse and become ineffective.


  • Liquid product, easy to feed.
  • Prevents the formation of adherent deposits
  • Alters the structure of precipitated solids.
  • Resultant reduction in cleaning frequency & maintenance cost.
  • Improves distillate purity.
  • Easy to monitor, brine density measurements only required.
  • Use to prevent deposits in evaporators.


  • 25 ltrs (00910040)

Directions for use


The standard dosage applicable to the majority of systems is 0.030 (30ml) litres of Star Evaporator Treatment per tonne of distillate produced. This is based on the rated production capacity of the evaporator.

The treatment is added to the dosage tank and dosed at a rate satisfactory to the flowmeter.

The brine density should not exceed a density of 1.038. The scaling potential increases rapidly over this level. An increase in the amount of Star Evaporator Treatment used will assist in retaining potential scale-forming salts in suspension.

Dosing method (via the dosage tank)

The dosing point may vary with type and make of evaporators. As a general rule, Star Evaporator Treatment should be dosed into the sea feed line before entering the heater.

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product for detailed information on safety and health.

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