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Product code: 00133029

Scott Sigma 2 BA Set

The Scott Sigma 2 type 2 is an open circuit SCBA which can be configured in a number of different ways with different cylinders and masks.

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The system consists of a carrying harness, backplate and the pneumatic system contains a reducer with integrated cylinder connector, demand valve, pressure gauge and whistle.

This unit can be used with the following facemasks; Panaseal, Vision 3, Panavisor and Promask PP.

The Sigma 2 type 2 has been designed for use in marine industrial firefighting environments but is also suitable for providing protection in any IDLH-type environment.

It is CE marked in compliance with EN 137:2006 type 2.

This unit is equipped with a Tempest demand valve, which is a compact, positive pressure demand valve, which features a servo-assisted tilting diaphragm mechanism and low inspiratory resistance and responsive dynamic performance.

It also features automatic first- breath actuation and hands-free bypass facility.

The demand valve is manufactured from injection moulded polyamide with rubber seals and diagrams.

The pressure indicator is a Bourdon tube type dial indicator, which includes a heat and impact resistant polycarbonate lens, safety blowout vent in the rear of the gauge.

The dimensions are 600 mm x 278 mm x 200 mm and the unit weighs 2.3 kg without the cylinder.

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