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Narwhal Work Boat Range

Perfect for seas with high waves, this boat comes in 5 sizes

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Appreciated by professionals from various sectors, the Narwhal Work Boat is an excellent support boat for all kinds of sporting events, sailing schools, sport fishing or divers. Thanks to its deep ‘V’ hull and raised floats that barely touch the water, this series is perfect for seas with high waves, cutting waves with precision, always with maximum safety when navigating in adverse conditions and maintaining a perfect fit at all times. excellent manoeuvrability. As an option, it is possible to install portholes on the deck sides, useful for equipment, harpoons or fishing spearguns.

All the lengths have a large raised hatch in the bow, for the WB-620 it is double, with top and front access, with plenty of storage space and can optionally be upholstered in the bow to be used as a seat. They are suitable boats for users looking for a seaworthy boat, for intensive use and a large freeboard.

Standard equipment

  • Medium grey GRP helmet
  • PVC float
  • Aluminium racket-hook
  • Relinga recessed with grab handles
  • Inner grip rope
  • Cover drain “elephant trunk”
  • Bow locker WB-420-480-550
  • Double bow locker WB-620
  • INOX bow mooring bit
  • Cable gland pipe fastening
  • Towing / lashing / lifting eyebolts
  • Overpressure valves
  • Inflator and repair kit

Boats in the range

  • WB-400
  • WB-420
  • WB-480
  • WB-550
  • WB-620
Model WB-400 WB-420 WB-480 WB-550 WB-620
Total Length 395cm 419cm 485cm 555cm 632cm
Inner Length 295cm 305cm 356cm 402cm 492cm
Total Beam 186cm 219cm 220cm 217cm 238cm
Inner Sleeve 89cm 124cm 113cm 106cm 120cm
Prow Strut 88cm 100cm 100cm 120cm 120cm
Max Diameter 49cm 49cm 53cm 55cm 57cm
No. Compartments 4+1 4+1 5+1 5+1 5+1
Max Engine Auth 40HP 50HPh 75HP 100HP 175HP
Rec. Engine 25HP 30HP 50HP 80HP 115HP
Max Engine Weight 80kg 182kg 209kg 228kg 281kg
Shaft Type L L L L L
Max PAX 7 9 11 13 15
Approx. Weight 117kg 184kg 247kg 313kg 398kg
Max Load Cat C 793kg 1002kg 1484kg 1407kg 1841kg
Design Category C C C C C

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