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Narwhal Fast Dynamic Range

Maximum speed, power and exceptional performance

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Suitable for both sports and professional use, the Fast series is made up of high-performance semi-rigid and tight-fitting sleeves, which enjoy a large interior capacity and a good freeboard to offer maximum protection to passengers, being an excellent option for the development of recreational-tourist activities. Its spacious deck with non-slip surface and wide floats with grab line, offer an excellent and protected space, with a large freeboard, very safe and comfortable for the entire passenger.

The main characteristics of this series are the speed and acceleration achieved quickly thanks to its aerodynamic float and pronounced ‘V’ hull, with reinforced lamination, cutting the waves cleanly and sailing in a stable way even in the most adverse maritime conditions.

They are ideal boats for all types of group activities, such as diving schools, excursions for tourist purposes or any professional security and surveillance activity, whose equipment and appearance is fully customisable.

Boats in the range

  • FAST-750
  • FAST-900
  • FAST-1000
  • FAST-1100
Model FAST-750 FAST-900 FAST-1000 FAST-1100
Length Overall 750cm 885cm 999cm 1112cm
Inside Length 620cm 750cm 850cm 947cm
Beam Overall 258cm 270cm 270cm 290cm
Inside Beam 148cm 169cm 177cm 190cm
Max Depth 102cm 150cm 150cm 150cm
Max Tube 55cm 50cm 50cm 50cm
Chambers 7 7 7 7
Max Engine Power 250hp 300hp 400hp 500hp
Recommended Engine Power 150hp 2x150hp 2x150hp 2x200hp
Max Engine Weight 260kg 320kg 412kg 520kg
Engine Shaft Type 1XL / 2L 2XL / 1XXL 2XL / 1XXL 2XL / 1XXL
Max PAX No. 18/9 22/12 25/12 27/13
Approx Boat Weight 638kg 1293kg 1225kg 1269kg
Max Paid Load Cat C 2092kg 2997kg 3115kg 3500kg
Max Paid Load Cat B 1447kg 2247kg 2137kg 2450kg
Design Cat C/B C/B C/B C/B

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