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Product code: 00630041

FR 1010LV Ceramic Mortar

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Product code Product description Packet size (g)
00630041 FR 1010LV Ceramic Mortar 4000

FR 1010LV ceramic mortar is a two-component cold curing ceramic compound for the repair of cavitation’s and erosion found in fluid flow environments.

FR 1010LV are used for rebuilding cavitational grooves and deep wear inside pumps, valves, and piping. Also, for eroded impellers, tube plates and end covers.


  • Can be used for most types of base materials.
  • Ceramic bead filler.
  • Do not produce any heat during curing.


  • No need to consider composition of base material.
  • Superb for fluid flow environment.
  • No sparks and spatter that can create a fire or explosion.
  • No distortion of the base material.

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