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Product code: 00630042

FR 1101 Brushable Ceramic

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Product code Product description Packet size (g)
00630042 FR 1101 Brushable Ceramic 1000

FR 1101 brushable ceramic is a two-part, ambient temperature curing filler, specifically formulated for the protection of surfaces subject to extreme wear, abrasion and corrosion caused by solids, slurry or chemical attack.

FR 1101 brushable ceramic can be used for the repair of cavitation’s and erosion found in fluid flow environments. Applications include creating a protective layer on pump and valve housings, impellers, propellers and turbine blades. After having rebuilt deep cavitation wear by FR 1010LV mortar the FR 1101brushable can also be used to seal the transition between the mortar and base material.


  • Can be used for most types of base material.
  • Ceramic bead filler.
  • Product in fluid state.
  • Do not produce any heat during curing.


  • No need to consider the composition of the base material.
  • Superb for fluid flow environment.
  • Can be applied using a brush.
  • No sparks and spatter that can create a fire or explosion
  • No distortion of the base material.
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