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FR 909 N60 Rubber Paste and Liquid

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Product code Product description Packet size
00630036 FR 909 N60 Rubber Paste 556gm
00630037 FR 909 N60 Rubber Liquid 556gm
00630047 FR 704 Adhesion Promoter 250ml

A two-part polyurethane rubber resin formulated to provide quick and easy repairs to hoses, gaskets, ducting, impellers and conveyor belts.

FR 909 N60 rubber paste and liquid have been developed specifically for the repair of rubber conveyor belts and other heavy duty rubber components. Can with good results be used for repairs of electric insulation and casting of gaskets and seals.


The resin is available in liquid and paste formulations and is suitable for vertical and horizonal repairs including holes, tears, splits, cracks, sealing joints, preventing spillage, covering metallic fasteners, repairing marine fenders and floating hoses.

Key features

  • Quick setting.
  • Easy application – designed to be used on site with minimal tools required.
  • Excellent flexibility.
  • High tear impact impact-resistance.
  • Good wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Low irritation potential.
  • Easy to use twin pack mixing and application system.

For challenging repairs, an adhesion promoter can be used Star FR704 adhesion promoter is a one-part, brush-on adhesion promoter that strengthens and enhances the bond of polyurethane resins to specific rubbers, concrete, metals, steels and fabric carcass.

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