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Product code: 00630040

FR 912 Standard Steel

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Product code Product description Packet size (g)
00630040 FR 912 Standard Steel 500

FR 912 standard steel is a two-component ambient temperature / cold curing metal repair compound that can be applied to most metals.

FR 912 standard steel can be used for emergency and permanent repairs of broken castings, tanks, parts of machinery, to level irregularities and fill blow holes, to build up worn parts and to bond various metals, i.e. iron, steel and aluminium. Areas of application include repair of worn splines, rebuilding flanges, worn impeller shafts, holes in pump and valve housings.


  • Can be applied to most types of base material.
  • Workable deposit.
  • Does not produce any heat during curing.


  • No need to consider composition of base material.
  • Deposit can be machined, drilled or grinded.
  • No sparks.
  • No distortion of the base material.
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