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Cast Iron Electrodes

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High-quality, general-purpose nickel electrode designed for economical joining and surfacing of cast iron.

May be used for hot or cold welding of cast irons and for surfacing and building up on malleable irons. Suitable for joining mild steel to cast iron and ideal for maintenance repair where sound welds are required. The electrode provides fast build-up, easy slag removal and fully machinable porosity free welds.

Classification: AWS A5.15.69 ENi-Ci

Type of current: AC, DC +

Product code Diameter (mm) Packet size (kg) Amp A
00610030 2.5 2 50 - 80
00610031 3.2 2 80 - 100
00610032 4.0 2 120 - 170


High strength machinable electrode for joining and building up on cast irons. Low amperage, smooth arc, minimum spatter and high resistance to cracking. For the repair of grey, S.G., nodular or ductile irons where higher strength is required. Also suitable for joining cast iron to mild steel. If oily cast iron use STAR GOUGING electrode to provide groove preparation. It will provide a smoot groove plus burn out the oil that otherwise will create porosity in the weld deposit.

Classification: AWS A5.15.69 ENiFe-Ci

Type of current: AC, DC +

Product code Diameter (mm) Packet size (kg) Amp A
00610033 2.5 2 40 - 70
00610034 3.2 2 70 - 110
00610035 4.0 2 100 - 150

Cast iron electrodes are also available in blister packs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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