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Copper Alloy and Aluminium Electrodes

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Superior coated tough bronze electrode for joining and overlaying steels, cast irons, malleable irons, bronzes and copper-based metals. Due to the high thermal conductivity of copper and copper alloys pre-heating is advisable in certain instances, particularly where heavy sections are involved. Highly recommended for bearing surfaces and for wear facing against sea water corrosion.

Classification: AWS A5.6 ECuSn

Type of current: DC +

Product code Diameter (mm) Packet size (kg) Amp A
00610039 2.5 2 50 - 75
00610040 3.2 2 80 - 120


An electrode designed for joining and overlaying aluminium bronze and for corrosion and wear resistant deposits on steel and cast irons. The weld metal deposits will produce good friction and corrosion resistance. Ideal for bearing surfaces, shafts, guides, slides, gear teeth and any wear application involving metal to metal friction.

Classification: AWS A5.6 ECuAl-A2

Type of current: DC +

Product code Diameter (mm) Packet size (kg) Amp A
00610041 2.5 2 60 - 80
00610042 3.2 2 80 - 130


Aluminium electrode with 11% silicon for welding wrought and cast aluminium alloys of similar composition. Rapid deposition rate, good penetration characteristics, excellent arc stability and slag control. The special chemically active mineral coating enables easy removal of surface oxides during welding, ensuring results of high quality. Suitable for slag over slag welding. Welding wrought alloys N4, H9, H10, H20, H30 and cast alloys LM6, LM8, LM9, LM13 and LM20. Used extensively for repair of casting defects such as surface voids where slag over slag techniques may be employed.

Classification: AWS A5.3-91 E4047

Type of current: DC +

Product code Diameter (mm) Packet size (kg) Amp A
00610043 2.5 2 60 - 90
00610044 3.2 2 80 - 110

Copper alloy and aluminium electrodes are also available in blister packs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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