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Nickel Alloy Electrodes

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Superior electrode for joining and overlaying almost any nickel chrome alloy for service in both cryogenic and high temperature conditions, with the emphasis on the cryogenic side. For welding Inconel 600 and 601 type alloys, Incoloy 800 and 800H, involved in temperatures up to 540°C and for dissimilar applications such as Incoloy 600 and 800HT to carbon or stainless steels; nickel 200 ormonel 400 and nimonic 75. Also suitable for welding 3%, 5% nickel semi-cryogenic steels and 9% nickel steels for full cryogenic conditions.

Classification: AWS A5.11 ENiCrFe-3

Type of current: AC, DC +/-

Product code Diameter (mm) Packet size (kg) Amp A
00610047 2.5 2 60 - 90
00610048 3.2 2 80 - 120
00610049 4.0 2 100 - 150

Nickel alloy electrodes are also available in blister packs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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