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Stud Remover Electrodes

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Flux coated electrode made of high alloy, duplex micro structured, high tensile, non-heat treatable steel. The electrode has the ability to maintain a continuous arc when slag over slag welding while restricting the flow of the molten metal. These physical welding characteristics make the electrode ideal for the removal of threaded bolts when the bolt head has sheared at or just below the surface.

Broken bolt removal procedure

Selecting the appropriate diameter electrode, EG: approximately 50% of the stud’s diameter. Make short continuous build up welds. During the breaks in welding remove slag and check circumference of build-up is within the diameter of the stud. Repeat weld procedure until build up is 5 to 8mm above component surface. File two opposite flats on weld deposit and remove broken stud (unscrew) with the use of mole grips.

Classification: No national or international specification.

Type of current: AC, DC+

Product code Diameter (mm) Packet size (kg) Amp A
00610045 2.5 2 50 - 90
00610046 3.2 2 75 - 130

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