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Gazalu AG5 and Gazalu AS 12 are used for welding of aluminium alloys with magnesium and silicon. Clean the joints and adjacent surfaces thoroughly. Use a stainless steel brush, not an ordinary steel brush which will rub iron oxides into the aluminium and contaminate the weld pool. Cast aluminum should be preheated to approximately 300°C. In gas welding, a flame with a slight excess of acetylene is used, together with aluminum, a flux which reduces oxides and counteracts oxidation in the welding zone. This flux is in powder form and can be mixed with clean water into a paste that is painted onto the welding area and the welding rod. The flux is highly corrosive on aluminium and should be removed immediately after welding, by scrubbing with hot water. Cast alloys that have been pre-heated must be allowed to cool slowly after being welded.

Aluminium (AG-5) – (GAZALU AG5)

Rod for gas welding of aluminium with up to 5% Mg.

Product code Product code Product code
00630023 2.4 x 1000 2

Aluminium (AS-12) – (GAZALU AS-12)

Rod for gas welding of aluminium with more than 7% Si.

Product code Diameter (mm) Packet (kg)
00630024 3.2 x 1000 5


Aluminium flux for aboe two rods

Product code Diameter (mm) Packet (kg)
00630025 NA 0.2

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