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Cast iron (super silicon no 9)

The rod is suitable for full fusion welding of cast iron, providing a high strength weld metal which is easily machinable. It gives an excellent colour match and has the same structure as grey cast iron. When oxy/acetylene welding, use with SIF CAST IRON flux for best results.

This rod is square in section. The typical use is for joining castings, building up worn parts, surfacing new castings and for the repair of all cast iron items. Some pre-heating may be required before welding (not quite red hot) and a slow cooling rate is preferred, which may be achieved by wrapping the finished component, or immersing it in sand. Super Silicon No 9 can also be used in TIG welding if the surface has been ground away and angled to a fine point.

Product code Diameter (mm) Packet (kg)
00630026 4.0 x 500 1

Sif cast iron powder flux

An active cast iron powder flux with a working temperature range of 800-1500°c.

Sif cast iron powder flux allows for deeper penetration of the joints, resulting in higher bond strength.

Powder flux complies to EN 1045 FH20.

Sif cast iron powder flux is designed to weld cast iron with a cast iron rod and can be used with super silicon no9.

The base metal should be cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt, grease and other contaminants. Either mix a spoonful with a small amount of water and brush sif cast iron powder flux onto the work area as a paste, or preheat filler metal rod and dip into the flux powder to adhere. Flux residues are soluble in hot water at 70°c or higher. Contains soluble borates and should only be used in well ventilated areas. Store flux in the sealed container to prevent coagulation.

Product code Diameter (mm) Packet (kg)
00630027 NA .05

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