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Star expands EndoSan disinfectant range

Star International has expanded its line of EndoSan wide spectrum disinfectants in response to a surge in demand for sanitising products that provide clinical efficacy against the COVID 19 virus.

The new products increase the range of applications for Star EndoSan (EndoSan), including an alcohol-free hand sanitising liquid that has been independently confirmed to achieve a ‘golden standard’ of virus inactivation during testing.

EndoSan is now available in four variants, that together provide a ship wide disinfection solution, including; water treatment, deep cleaning via fogging, surface disinfection and hand sanitation.

Paul Antley, Director at Star International, said: “Ensuring high standards of hygiene on-board ship is critical. Our new product range provides a ship-wide disinfection solution and has been independently, clinically proven to kill the COVID 19 virus.

“By using EndoSan, operators can help to keep crew and passengers safe and ensure that their vessels can remain in service throughout the pandemic.”

The EndoSan treatment solution offers an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine-based disinfection methods, utilising a silver-ionised hydrogen peroxide mixture that acts as an effective bactericide, virucide, sporicide, fungicide, algaecide, amoebicide and biofilm remover. Its unique chemistry means it is completely safe and offers a single solution to all disinfection requirements.

A range of specialised delivery systems are available that maximise the distribution and the effectiveness of EndoSan disinfectant. These include electrostatic fogging systems and automated dosing systems for closed water systems.

Find out more about EndoSan here, or contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.

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